Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here's a random post to catch up on a bunch of pictures I had sitting on the camera card! Above you will see proof that we have a garden, and that it is producing something! These are our first two zucchini (that were made into scrumptious zucchini bread). We also have tomatoes, onions, carrots, and yellow squash on the way, and an abundance of romaine lettuce ready and waiting to be used.

Next is Allie and me looking very patriotic on the 4th of July. We, along with Nathan and Andrew, went out to lunch, finished baby registering, had a cookout, and watched a movie that day. It was lots of fun!

See how big baby Charlie is?? He's huge. But he's still a growing boy! ...we need to get that "boy" issue taken care of soon...

Charles has a freakish obsession with water. He loves the shower, the toilet, the sink, his water bowl, condensation, and the turtle tank. Here he is trying to catch a turtle. He gets wet somehow several times a day.

Here are some of my garage sale deals! I recently washed the fabric portion of this car seat and became an expert at taking it apart and putting it back together. It looks brand new now! I got this seat and two bases for $30. Don't worry, I already checked for recalls and we're safe :)

Here's Charlie, along with a bouncer that Robin got for $5! I also washed it, and it also looks new!

Finally, Nathan's favorite, a Yoda costume for Orion's first Halloween. We're starting him off on the right track early. Nathan insists that Orion will wear it. Every day.

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