Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Falling Behind!

Sorry, I realized I haven't been posting on here and you're probably all hoping for more pictures of the oh-so-adorable Orion! So here you go: some recent pictures of the little guy.

We've started using his swing, and it's been super helpful. It keeps him calm and distracted long enough for him to forget about wanting to eat for an hour or two... which I'm very grateful for! It's been a lifesaver the last couple nights.

Bonding with Buddy.

He loves his papa.

We're all doing pretty well. We had a couple really rough nights this week where none of us really got any sleep, but last night was much much better. He "only" woke up to eat once every 2.5-3 hours and didn't do all that much fussing in between. Nathan and I both woke up feeling good this morning, which was a major improvement from the last two days. We'll just keep praying for more relatively good nights!!

A few things I've learned so far...

-A pacifier is, as my dad would say, a "good tool." I was kind of anti-pacifier before Orion was born, but the boy has such a crazy sucking reflex that it's kind of essential. It really does pacify him... because I really can't feed him every ten minutes as he would like me to.

-Babies' skin peels/flakes a few days after birth. Freakout (and lotion) not necessary.

-The swing and bouncer are awesome. We use the bouncer to occupy him while we eat and have the swing in our living room for helping him relax. He's just a very very alert baby, and sometimes we need to just let him sit and chill for a while. It's nice to be able to do that.

-Lanolin creme is essential, especially the first week or two.

-The child loves car rides. And shopping cart rides. We're wishing for a car ride simulator to have at the house to get him to sleep. Because he doesn't do it all that much.

-Old breastmilk stinks. BAD.

-Laundry is now a constant. Especially because of the aforementioned stink.

-The ItzBeen timer is really helpful. I thought it was a silly idea, but my friend Amy got me one after I complained about not being able to remember when I last fed Orion and I love it. It has an alarm that would wake me up every 3 hours when I had to feed him that often right at first, and it keeps track of how long it's been since I fed him which saves me valuable brain cells. I carry it around all the time. Wishing I would have had it the first few days after Orion was born when I was unable to think at all.

-Having a baby in public makes you even more popular than being pregnant.

-Dressing to allow for nursing is just as difficult as dressing for late pregnancy.

-10:30 isn't sleeping in if you were up 4 hours out of the night.

-It pays to be flexible... and you have to learn as you go.

Aaaand... a bonus picture of Charles :)
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