Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 2 Complete

I finished week two of Couch-to-5K! I cling to these small victories ;) Today was a little easier than last time. Still hard, but not as. I didn't even stop to stretch the whole time, which is a first. I went 1.56 miles today.

I also played volleyball Friday night! Our church is playing in a league, but it's really a just-for-fun type thing... it didn't feel competitive at all, which is great because I'm really not that good at it. Ha! It was actually really fun though. I'll definitely do it again. Even though I got hit in the face. ;)

Here are the stats:
Current weight: 138.6
Goal weight: 115
Weight lost: 1.4
Pounds left 'til goal: 23.6

In my weight loss class at church they recommend weighing just once a week, so I think I might start doing that. The day-to-day (and hour-to-hour) fluctuations are annoying to track and not very useful. I'm going to do my weigh-ins on Wednesdays since that's when my class is.

It's really hard to figure out how to eat better. I've been cutting back on little things so far... portion sizes, candy and desserts, and even leaving the cheese off a sandwich. You know, it really tastes the same, and I'm saving myself from a bunch of saturated fat I don't need. It's really hard though- I just get hungry a lot, and I'm not the type to not eat when I'm genuinely hungry. It's just a matter of figuring out what the best choices are food-wise. It's hard!! You can't just look at how many calories are in something, but you have to factor in things like fat, fiber, sugar, sodium... whatever. Wish I knew more about this stuff!

One thing I'm really liking about the class so far is the January Challenge. We got a calendar, and each day has a picture of 8 glasses of water, a shoe to symbolize exercise, and a bible. Yay checklist!! It's kind of ridiculous how much that motivates me :P I already drink that much water, and I exercise at least 3 days a week because of running, but now I'm making sure I do something on my off-days. Yesterday was volleyball and the day before was yoga. It feels good. But the best part is that it "makes" me read my Bible. That's something I've always struggled with, so anything that helps is awesome. Today I had Nathan read aloud to me when I was feeding Orion, and we got to talk about a lot of the things we read and I learned some things. It was fun! We're planning on reading together a lot more :)

OH!! This is crazy. Orion slept over 8 hours last night!! I couldn't believe it! I checked on him at around 7 hours ('cause I'm a mom now and thus required to worry), but he was fine and slept an hour more! And then 2 1/2 hours more after eating, so we BOTH got a full night's sleep!! It was so nice to only have to feed him once during the night. I sure hope he keeps it up. Doubt it, but it would be nice!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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