Saturday, February 20, 2010


Orion slept NINE HOURS, and then three hours last night. Hurray!!! That's the longest he's ever slept, and in his crib at that. I'm so very proud. We've been a little more relaxed with the napping schedule and technique during the day, but he's doing well- he's been sleeping on the couch for an hour. That's my boy!

We're having a good weekend so far. My roommie becca and Nathan's sisters Allie and Rachel are all here, so the house is nice and lively. Nathan and becca are at a Punkin House Press meeting and Allie and I are working on making buckeyes (SO excited) as well as a birthday Jello cake for Larry. Tonight holds Chick Fil A and shopping. Good day!

OH, and Robin and Larry got Direct TV hooked up last night... I'm way too excited about that.

Buckeye dipping time!! Over and out.
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