Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yep, today I'm a quarter of a century old! I can officially rent a car. Woot.

I had a pretty good day today. Nathan got up with Orion so I got to sleep in! Great way to start the day. We didn't do much, but the weather was beautiful so we enjoyed that. Robin and Larry watched Orion for us and Nathan and I went out to a delicious dinner at Bravo. Nathan gave me a John Foreman (the singer from Switchfoot) CD and a beauuutiful new The Chronicles of Narnia that I was lusting over last time we were at Barnes and Noble.

After dinner and presents we went shopping at TJ Maxx. I got to pick out a new quilt and sheets from Robin and Larry!

See how pretty? I like the stripe on the far left the best. The sheets have a print that looks like chrysanthemums in a couple different shades of green and are a little bit satiny. Really nice. I think I need a blue decorative pillow to break up the green though (the walls are green too)!

My mom and dad sent me birthday money to spend as I please (which is the best kind of money)! I found some leather Naturalizer flats at TJ Maxx for $30. I have slightly problematic and hard to fit feet, so I'm hoping these will be comfortable!!

Tomorrow Larry is making me meatloaf and baked potatoes (per my request), and then we're going to visit the girls at Indiana Wesleyan on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to a good weekend :)
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