Friday, March 26, 2010


I think these overalls are SO cute. And that's why I took this picture ;)

Orion had a good day today! He took three naps in his swing (instead of being held) and was happy most of the day. I read a whole bunch of books to him and he LOVED it. I lay on the floor beside him and held the book up over us and he just smiled and sang and looked at the pictures and at me. It was fun. I hope he continues to enjoy it!

Our swing is actually broken. About a month ago the mobile stopped working, and then today the whole motor quit. I called the company to ask about it and they're sending me a whole new swing motor....thingy! The whole piece of the swing that holds the motors I think. Anyway, I was SO pleased with the customer service (Fisher Price in case you were wondering) and really excited and relieved our nice swing will be working again soon. Although Orion doesn't seem to care that it's not working... haha!

He's getting so good at holding things! I don't think he's figured out the whole shake the rattle thing, but he sure holds onto it (and whatever else he can get his hands on).

He kept spitting up this afternoon (which is fairly uncommon) and went through four outfits in an hour. Ha! What a talented little guy.

Here's hoping for a good night's sleep. I should be in bed. Goodnight!
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