Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had such a great Easter weekend! I'm going to do my very best to remember everything we did, but we had such a full weekend that I'm struggling :P Robin and Allie were in Louisiana visiting Jon, Emiley, and Ellie, so it was just Grandma, Larry, Rachel, Stephen, Nathan, Orion, and I. OK, I guess that's still a bunch of people.

Friday... we went to the creek under the covered bridge in Germantown! Nathan likes to go tromp around in the creek in the summer, so we went with Rachel and Stephen.

I love this picture :)

They built a dam! That's what we Lambeses do with creeks... haha! The water was soooo coooold, but Nate and Rachel took a dip anyway. Because they're crazy.

That day we were outside pretty much all day- it was so pretty outside. I think that was the night we had a campfire too... with s'mores of course!

A really crazy thing happened while Rachel, Stephen, Nathan and I were sitting out by the fire. We were watching a skunk wander around the yard and talking, and all of a sudden we heard screeching tires, a crash, and saw a huge cloud of smoke. Stephen and Nathan saw something flip over on the road. Nathan sprinted down the road and the other two ran after him, and I followed and called 911. It turned out that a pickup truck hauling a boat swerved to miss a skunk (!) and the boat flipped over!! Everyone was fine and even the boat looked ok, but it was so scary and intense! We don't know if they were drunk or if they just did a crazy swerve to miss that skunk or what, but wow. What an adventure.

Saturday! I think we went shopping that day? Well we went shopping some day anyway :P Rachel and I got a few good deals and she, Stephen and I played with a puppy at the pet store. For dinner we had a pizza picnic! I made homemade alfredo pizza... yum. I thought it was funny that our picnic food was pizza...

Of course we had to color eggs! Stephen had never colored eggs before (poor guy) and we had a lot of fun playing with different "techniques." We only boiled six eggs... but it took us forever. Haha!

One evening we got the movie "New Moon" (yep, Twilight). It was... fun to make fun of. Just like the first one. Heh heh...

Sunday! Easter, of course! We went to church, had a delicious ham dinner, and had our annual Easter egg hunt! Yes, we still do an egg hunt- it's intense! Everyone is very competitive, running around the yard trying to get the most eggs. Shockingly enough, I won!! Nathan was behind me by one. Rachel almost always wins, so it was a big surprise. See, all that running is paying off ;P

That night the four of us went out to see "How to Train Your Dragon." It was SO. GOOD. We all loved it- what a cute movie.

Monday we went back to the creek because we wanted to race remote-controlled boats... haha! Yes, we are the coolest. I found a fishing line and hook stuck in a tree while we were there and... I actually caught a fish with it! Everybody was pretty shocked. I'm quite the fisherwoman ;)

I'm sure I forgot some things, but we had such a fun weekend. I wish Nathan's siblings could be around more often! Tomorrow we're headed up to see my family and go to my younger brother Andy's senior art show. Then next weekend we're going to watch Allie and Rachel run a half marathon. I need to keep up my running so we can run a 5K together!

I'm uploading more pictures of the weekend to Shutterfly, so check those out if you want to see the rest.

As for the weekly weight update:
Here are the stats:
Current weight: 128.6
Goal weight: 115
Weight lost this week: 0
Total weight lost: 11.4
Pounds left 'til goal: 13.6

...yep, that's exactly the same as last week. Eh. Since I'm getting back into the swing of running (after being sick for 3 weeks!) I'm hoping the numbers start dropping again. I'm looking forward to getting back under 120! I am happy to say that I can wear my old clothes again :) I don't think I posted here yet that I ran 1 1/4 miles yesterday! My goal for next time (possibly tomorrow, but if not maybe this weekend) is to run 1 1/2 miles, which would be half way to my goal! Wish me luck!

Oh! And we found out yesterday that our friends Geoff and Amy are having a baby girl in August :) Congrats again, guys!!
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