Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Germantown Bridge

It was such a beautiful day today! This afternoon we decided to walk around Germantown (a small old town down the road from where we live). Nathan dressed Orion up in some very summery clothes... adorable.

Nathan knew there was a covered bridge, so we found it and explored it.

Look, Dad! A historical marker! Apparently this is the only bridge like this in the world. Yeah, it's really strange. It's an "inverted bow string truss covered bridge."

It's sort of like a suspension bridge? Very strange/cool.

We walked down under the bridge- there's a very pretty creek down there. Orion tried to float away down it! ...the water was only a couple inches deep ;) He looks pretty happy about being out there!

It was a fun trip. We ate at a little local restaurant for dinner and pretty much just wandered around. I needed the sunshine and activity!

Orion is still not sleeping well at night. He's doing great with naps during the day, but he keeps getting up a couple times during the night and wants to get up in the morning earlier and earlier. Last night he just started screaming every time I put him down (this was at like 2 in the morning) and I got so frustrated because I was so tired and couldn't figure out what to do since I'd just fed him. Nathan eventually got up too and suggested giving him a bottle and that fixed the problem. It was rough. And then he wanted to be up for the day at 6:45 or something so I had a difficult morning/day!

I am pretty sure he's gaining weight though! Compared to how skinny he was before I think he's looking pretty chubby! I hope he keeps it up and that the scale agrees with me next month.

I went with Orion to "Puggles" today (the youngest branch of the Awanas program, which is a program for kids meant to teach them basic elements of Christianity, Bible verses and stories, etc.). It was SO. CUTE. They sang to the babies and had them "color" and pick out a sticker for their chart... adorable. I almost got teary-eyed a couple times. Haha!

As for the weekly weight update:
Here are the stats:
Current weight: 128.6
Goal weight: 115
Weight lost this week: 0.8
Total weight lost: 11.4
Pounds left 'til goal: 13.6

Not too bad I guess! I was going to start running again today, but I was just waaaay too tired!! At least we walked I guess. I need to locate the proverbial wagon and climb back on it...

Rachel and her boyfriend Stephen are coming home for the weekend tomorrow so I've got lots of yummy food planned, plus the annual Easter egg hunt! Yes, this entails a bunch of grown-ups running around the yard trying to get the most eggs. We're dorks... but lovable ones!
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