Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hodson Half Marathon

Yesterday we got up veeery early (hello 5am... you aren't morning because you don't have sunshine...) to drive to Indiana Wesleyan University to watch Allie and Rachel run a half marathon! Allie had run a full marathon before, but the farthest Rachel had ever run was 10 miles (a half marathon is 13.1 miles) so this was a big challenge! But they both did it without stopping or walking at all. I'm so proud :)

Allie finished in 1 hour 57 minutes- that's less than 9 minutes a mile! I met her about a mile from the end to run with her thinking she'd be tired enough that she'd have slowed down, but I STILL couldn't keep up!! She wants to work up to being fast enough to run the Boston marathon.

Allie, Stephen, and I ran the last bit with Rachel to encourage her. She said it really helped :)

Finished! 2 hours 31 minutes. Rachel ran with her roomie Stacy. They did great :) You can see me way in the background- we let them finish alone, and they even kicked it and sped up a lot on the last stretch!

Happy to be finished!

They had a big festival thing after the race and Nathan and Larry played a couple of the games. This was one of them... Nathan got to chop his dad's head off. Haha... wow.

It was a fun and very tiring day! I can't complain much because I wasn't the one who ran 13 miles, but my hip was KILLING me at the end of the day! We speed-walked for probably 4 or 5 miles and I'm not used to that. I'm a bit sore today. Thankfully Orion got tired out too and I went to bed early so we both got a solid stretch of 8 hours of sleep! He hasn't slept that long at once in ages. It was nice :) I won't tell you when he got me up in the morning though... haha.

My goal is to run 2 miles by the end of this week! I'm running with my friend Lori on Saturday morning which I'm looking forward to. She runs further than me but is used to running on a treadmill, so hopefully our skills will even out and we'll be able to successfully run together :P

Sooo... I really want one of these. Allie turned me on to it... she has something similar that works with an iPod, but it only works with the Nano or the Touch and I have the Classic. I'm stalking Ebay but don't think I'm going to be able to get one for cheap (so maybe not at all). Le sigh.
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