Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Months

My baby is five months old today! We went to the doctor today to check his weight, and he weighed 12 lbs, 6.5 oz. That's more than a pound in the last month- the nurse seemed happy with that. The doc wasn't there to talk to me about the growth chart, but I looked it up and he seems to be back ON the chart... like just touching the bottom of the curve... which is better! Anyway, he's still very healthy and doing well developmentally. **Edit: the doc called and is going to refer us to a nutritionist and GI specialist to try to figure out why he's not gaining weight as he should be. Hopefully there's nothing wrong and we just need to give him even more formula.**

A few days ago he learned how to shake his rattle and he's been going crazy with it! Here's a video... he usually shakes it longer than this but it's still super cute :)

We got out his gumball machine toy tonight and it was so fun to watch him play with it... I was amazed that he actually figured out how to press the lever to get the gumballs out!! Here's another video... this is so awesome :)

This week in baby food is bananas. Of course he eats them right up. No surprise there! I think he just may be teething... I can feel the top ones under his gums. I really don't know though! he has been extra fussy (especially in his car seat... ugh) and tired. Hmm...

As for me, I ran 1.75 miles today! Doing well on my goals :)
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