Thursday, June 3, 2010

Odds and ends

I'm sorry I haven't posted pictures/stories about vacation yet, but our internet is being ridiculously slow lately and it's very frustrating to try to upload pictures (I say as I try to upload vacation pics to Facebook for the second time...).

So instead you get miscellaneous updates about our lives in general... without pictures.


This past weekend we were world travelers. We drove up to Brighton, Michigan on Friday for our friend Amy's baby shower! She's having a baby girl, Eliana, in August. She's got to be the most fun person to watch open presents- so excited about everything! I had a really nice time seeing her, my roomie becca, and becca's mom. Nathan paid a quick visit to Amy's husband, Geoff (Nathan's former roommate), at the pet store where he's the manager. And ate at a Japanese steakhouse... yum. That night we decided to stay with Geoff and Amy for the night so we could actually spend some time with them, which was wonderful. And I got to feel Eliana kick a TON which was amazing :) The next morning we all (sans Geoff) ate yummy bagel sandwiches.

Then Nathan, Orion, and I headed to Onstead, MI to visit his grandparents since we were so close. It was a surprise visit and they were so happy to see us, especially Orion of course- they hadn't gotten to meet him yet. We all went out on Wolf Lake (they live right by it) on their boat for O's first boat ride! It was a fun little visit.

Next we drove south to Napoleon, Ohio to see my parents. We had dinner with them, I went for a run with my dad riding his bike beside me (3 miles again finally!!). Lots of relaxing ensued while we were there, plus eating out at my very favorite Chinese restaurant. Then finally, after dinner Sunday, we drove home.

But wait, there's more! Monday we went to a party with a bunch of friends and folks from Urbancrest church at their pastor's house, which was a blast. Lots of good food and a lively game of wiffle ball. After that we went over to our friends' Shawn and Michelle's house for more fun and food (the guys made tacos and fajitas!). It was a very wonderful weekend :)


On the drive to Onstead I discovered that Orion had cut his first tooth! It didn't seem to bother him at all, but it sure is sharp!! No more chewing on Mama's fingers for him! He's getting another one today and has been super grumpy all day, so I guess he's not invincible after all ;)

He's sitting up better and better, though still has a little ways to go until he's totally stable. Soon though! He's using his high chair now which I really like, so we can eat dinner together... sort of :P

Today, after a tip from a lady from church, I went to a garage sale and got a full big laundry basket full of clothes for Orion for less than $20! Really nice things too. I went by myself and got 16 items for $8 (50 cents a piece!), then once I got home I decided that it would be silly not to buy more at such an amazing price and quality, even though I would have to buy much bigger sizes (12 months to 2T). So I brought Nathan with me and we got 26 more things for $10! I'm so excited. We had to buy some more plastic totes to store clothes in, but it's totally worth it!


In weight loss news...
Here are the stats:
Current weight: 123
Goal weight: 115
Weight lost this week (or... 3 weeks): 0.2
Total weight lost: 17
Pounds left 'til goal: 8

I went up a pound last week (I was on vacation, ok?), but down a little extra this week. We've been eating out and about SO MUCH with all of our traveling and busyness that it's a wonder I'm not gaining a bunch of weight. I'm doing my very best to keep up with my running, but it's hard to go any distance in this gross heat and humidity. Ick.


He got a new job! One of the custodians at our church retired, and they offered Nathan the job. I know he'll do it very well- he's a hard worker and he has lots of experience. I'm pretty excited about this :) He starts next week.


More busyness coming our way! VBS is week after next, then immediately after that Nathan and most of his family are going to Haiti for a mission trip and I'm going to spend the week with my parents. And somewhere in there (June 16) is our third anniversary! No clue how we're going to celebrate that (late night dessert out after VBS?), but hopefully we can spend some time together!

I will do my very best to get those pictures up sometime soon-ish, and will probably add pictures to this post when I can. I hope!

Another plan? Change internet providers. Oy.
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