Wednesday, May 26, 2010

6 Months

That's right, the little man is 6 months old already!! It's pretty crazy when you think of it as half a year. He's doing very well... last night for the first time ever he really, truly slept through the night!! 9pm-8am! I was pretty amazed. Let's hope it wasn't a fluke!

We went to the doctor yesterday for his checkup. Here are his stats:
Height: 25.5 inches (5th percentile)
Weight: 14 lbs 3 oz (5th percentile)

So we're doing much better! I canceled the appointments with the nutritionist and GI specialist after checking with the doc. Oh, and his head circumference is in the 75th percentile... ha! He needs room for all those brains ;) He did great with his shots as usual- cried during of course, but calmed down right away and was fine all day. I'm working on switching over to the next size up in his clothes... he's finally in 3-6 month size. Haha. Also ready to move up to size 2 diapers as soon as we use up what we have in 1's.

I'm officially done nursing. My supply just quit. Oh well- at least I don't have to stress out about it anymore, and hey, 6 months isn't bad at all! Orion doesn't care, of course. He's eating all kinds of fruits and veggies, and I want to up him to two meals of solids a day pretty soon.

He's able to sit up on his own for a couple minutes (like in the picture above!) and with a little more practice I'm sure he'll really get the hang of it. He's been pretty happy lately and did well on vacation. We have some more travel coming up so I'm thankful he's mostly good in the car!

And now some videos for your viewing pleasure...

Now that's a cute boy.
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