Thursday, July 22, 2010


Look who's learning to crawl! He's getting faster and faster at doing this. Unfortunately he's obsessed with power cords, so I'm really hoping he doesn't chew through one... eep!! Notice that I enticed him to crawl with a plastic water bottle. Ha!

He also pulled himself up to stand today! That one surprised me. I don't think he's close to walking yet, but standing is an important step!

I've got a new plan to try to help Orion sleep better. I've been reading that most babies around his age who eat solids regularly eat 3 bottles of 6-8 oz a day. He has been eating 3-4 oz bottles every 3 hours. I'm going to try to get him into the 3 bottle routine along with 3 meals of solids a day... I figure if he's eating more right before bed maybe he won't get hungry and wake up at night... because I really do think he should be sleeping better at this point.

Lately when he gets up at night I walk into the room to find him on his tummy with the crib bumper pulled down and his face peeking out at me. Really cute... but the mobility is making sleep extra problematic. Sigh.

Other stuff: Our refrigerator broke yesterday so they just bought a new one! It's very fancy- stainless steel, french doors, lower freezer, ice and water dispenser in the door. I guess they got it like half price because it was a discontinued model. Nice! Getting it in the door was a TIGHT squeeze, but with my wise guidance they got it in ;P

When it rains it pours... the kitchen sink also clogged last night, and today there's a growing mysterious wet spot in my living room. Our house is falling apart!!

Sooo I haven't updated on weight loss stuff for a really long time! My weight has been stuck between 120 and 121 for weeks.
Here are the stats:
Current weight: 120.2
Goal weight: 115
Weight lost this week(s): 3
Total weight lost: 19.8
Pounds left 'til goal: 5.2

I've been really really lazy lately, both about eating and exercise. I have only been running maybe once a week... it's too stinkin' hot! I was (amazingly) able to run two miles one day this week! I was pretty excited- it's been a while. I wish I felt more motivated! I keep thinking I would like to run a 10K someday, but that just sounds like an awful lot of work... haha! People kept telling me that once I reached 3 miles running would get easier... nope! Obviously I can go way farther than I used to, but it's still a lot of work!! Maybe once it gets cooler I'll start doing better again... :P

I'm looking forward to a great weekend in Michigan with friends... hope you have a good one too!
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