Wednesday, October 20, 2010

11 Months

Wow. Orion turned 11 months old yesterday! In less than a month he will be 1!

He's continuing to learn new things... he's pointing all the time (like in the picture above!). Sometimes he points at things he wants, and sometimes he points at seemingly nothing... although who knows, maybe he sees something he wants us to see!

He still thinks clapping is so fun. He waves when someone says "hi" or "bye bye" ...when he feels like it.

^This is how you can tell he's tired- he grabs his ears. He reminds me of Prince John in the animated version of Robin Hood. Hehe.

Overall Orion has been sleeping a lot better. He's been sleeping straight through the night most nights, but he's been waking up between 6 and 6:30 and wanting to stay up. I'm thinking I'm going to try to work on getting him to sleep later next week. Maybe.

He hasn't been fighting so hard against naps lately which has been amazing. The way his schedule works out he gets to have a bottle and a nap around the same time both morning and afternoon, so he often falls asleep drinking it. And sometimes he'll even fall asleep sitting next to me on the couch! That's super nice. We usually take a morning nap together :)

He's standing and cruising like crazy, but no walking/steps yet. He does great when you hold his hands, and he even took a couple steps beside Nathan holding only one hand, but none by himself yet. We think it will be pretty soon though!

Orion has suddenly become a picky eater. Grooooan... he would always eat anything you put in front of him, and now he'll hardly eat anything! Even the things he does like he'll chew up and spit out. He did a bit better yesterday and this morning, so we'll see if he starts eating better again.

Family picture! We went to our church's annual "hot dog and hike" on Sunday afternoon. There was a picnic then a short walk to a really cool nature center. Orion slept through the whole thing (in the car with Robin). We put a big boy car seat in the Suburban and we'll probably put them in our cars soon too. His feet are hanging out of his infant seat!

Well hopefully it'll be nap time soon, so TTFN!
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