Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hocking Hills Vacation!

We had a wonderful time this past weekend on our "mini vacation" to Hocking Hills! Robin and Larry kept Orion so this was our first time being away from him for an extended period of time! We missed him, but we had a great time and he got to have his own adventures with his grandparents :)

We stayed at "Caveman Retreats" right down the road from all the caves/attractions. Our campsite was gorgeous! The bathrooms... not so much. Kinda scary, actually. But hey, we didn't let that ruin our fun!

We just set up camp and relaxed when we got there Thursday night, and then on Friday we spent the day hiking! We went to Old Man's cave and did a little Geocaching- we found 2 out of 3 :)

While Geocaching we met a beautiful (but grumpy) Great horned owl and a friendly red tailed hawk with one wing! We didn't find the geocache that was supposed to be nearby but we loved just hanging out so close to these beautiful birds.

Next we went to the Rock House which was soooo cool. It's the only true cave in Hocking Hills and it's awesome. It was dark in there so most of my pictures didn't turn out... you'll just have to go and see it for yourself :)

On Saturday we went into downtown Logan first thing in the morning. We got hot drinks and did some wandering. One store that was closing had everything 50% off and I got a pair of Ugg style boots made of real sheepskin for an awesome price! They are SOOO warm and cozy- can't wait to wear them this winter!

We also stopped at an antique store and had fun looking around at the treasures.

Next we went to a glass bead making class!! It was super cool. I was so nervous at the beginning (um, working with a blowtorch and molten glass!!), but once I got the hang of it I had a lot of fun. All those sticks you see on the table are rods of glass that you melt and use to make beads.

Nathan went next- he wasn't as nervous as me because he'd gotten to watch both our teacher and me do it ;) I think he also did a better job than I did!

Our finished beads! Nathan's are on the left, mine on the right. We made a dot pattern, a heart pattern, and a wavy line pattern. So cool!

That night we had dinner... at a castle. Yes, really. This is Ravenwood Castle near Hocking Hills. We came early to wander the grounds (they have a little village of tiny houses that you can rent... and even a couple gypsy wagons!). We were going to play on the giant chess board, but it was taken, so we played normal sized checkers and a game called Rapunzel's Revenge... just because it sounded ridiculous.

The grand dining room. There was a big stone fireplace and a cool storybook mural. We sat at a table with 3 other couples...I didn't know how to feel about that at first but it ended up being really nice! And the food was delicious :)

On Sunday morning we went horseback riding!! It's something I've always wanted to do but never gotten to. It was really fun... we actually rode up and down a mountain which was kind of scary at times (my horse tripped pretty bad a couple times!). Nathan's horse, Cherokee, was a one-eyed, slow, stubborn horse. Mine was named Tabasco and was very good. I would definitely like to try riding again someday!

We agreed that this was our best vacation yet :)
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