Monday, February 21, 2011

15 Months Old, and the Zoo!

Orion is a year and a quarter as of two days ago! He's getting so big. And so cute... I thought he was cute when he was a little baby, but he's soooo much cuter now! Is this the pinnacle of cute or is there more to come?!

We went to the doc today... here are the stats:
Height: 2 feet, 6 inches (30 inches... just under 25th percentile)
Weight: 23 lbs (25th percentile!! That's great for O!)
Head Circumference: 19 inches (75th percentile. Yep, still has a big noggin)

He did great for the doctor- the doc was amazed how still O sat for the exam and said Orion is seriously the best baby he's ever examined. Go O!

But then he had to get his first MMR shot... which did NOT go so well. I was holding him still but he jerked away (he's strong and I'm not... haha) after he got poked and most of the medicine squirted out, so the nurse had to do it again!! The second time thankfully went ok, but of course it was no fun for any of us, especially Orion! I said something like "that was rough," and the nurse said something like, "yeah, that was probably about the worst it's ever gone for me!" Sooo... Orion's the best patient until it comes to MMR shots, and then he's the worst. :P

Thankfully he always calms down really quickly after shots and has been fine since then. Napping now.

Speaking of, he's finally cut down to one nap a day. It's usually still only an hour, or an hour and a half at the most, but he seems to be doing ok with that. As long as he keeps sleeping well at night I'm happy ;)

He's being a picky eater which is very frustrating, but the doctor didn't seem to be worried about it and doesn't think he needs vitamins or anything so that's encouraging. He'll eat as much fruit as you'll give him, so that should keep him healthy enough, right?? I was shocked that he gained 3 pounds in the last 3 months since he's not eating that much.

New stuff... he just started saying "bye" or "bye bye," and says "baba" for bottle (aka sippy cup- he's off bottles). He can go point to Mama, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, and The Baby if you say "where is ____?" It's sweet :)

He's crazy about going outside and will bring me his shoes and/or run up to the door, knock on it, and say "bye bye?" I'm wishing for a fenced-in yard! It's raining today so no outside :(

On Friday we went to the zoo with our friend Andrew! It was Orion's first trip there. He did mostly ok, but wanted to run the whole time so it really frustrated him when we wouldn't let him, leading to a few tantrums. We're trying to stop the tantrum cycle... wish us luck :/

This was one of Orion's favorite parts, and it was right at the beginning. There were some big turtles swimming around and he loved watching them. His other favorite was the fish... but I'm not sure whether he liked watching them or just that I kept saying "blub blub blub blub!" Haha!

This was so funny! The ravens wanted to eat O! They kept pecking on the glass and flapping their wings at him! Good thing there was glass there I guess!

Aaaand this is Orion getting eaten by an alligator.

Haha, this is a picture from last month, but it's from Orion's first time sledding. He looks like the little boy in "A Christmas Story" when he's so bundled up he can't put his arms down. We had fun... though I think O is so used to being tossed around the sledding wasn't that thrilling for him :P Poor child didn't have snowboots either. Good thing he's a polar bear like his daddy.
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