Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a BOY!!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today. That's right, we're having another little boy! I'm really happy- I'm so glad Orion will have a little brother to beat up... I mean love ;)

Here he is- isn't he cute?? I think he looks a lot like O! I'm ok with that.

Teeny feet :) He was all curled up in a ball- there were arms and legs all tangled up everywhere... but don't worry, they're all there :)


Showing his "secrets" (as his Aunt Emiley would say). I'm glad he wasn't shy. I wouldn't have been surprised if it turned out to be a girl, but I was thinking boy since he looked like a boy at the 12 week ultrasound.

Everything looked great on the ultrasound. He measured exactly average, all systems were working perfectly, and the doctor couldn't find any problems. Hurray!! SO thankful for a healthy baby. The placenta is a bit low again (Had a very low placenta with O, and once you have it once it's more likely to have it again), so we'll have another ultrasound in a couple months, but odds are it'll move up and won't cause any issues.

It was a good visit :) And I got the little guy a new sleeper after the ultrasound to celebrate his boy-ness. Haha. If you can't tell it has little elephants on it and says "I love Mommy" :) It's newborn size... so tiny!!

How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +4
Inches gained: +3
Maternity clothes? Pants 100% (just got some new ones today! Woo!), some shirts
Sleep: Not too bad
How I'm feeling: Good!
Best moment this week: Seeing my healthy baby boy on ultrasound!
Movement: Every day- I actually SAW a kick yesterday
Food cravings: Seafood... we had fish sticks for dinner :P
Food aversions: Chicken tortilla soup, corn
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out? Out.
What I miss: Not much
What I am looking forward to: Feeling Baby move even more
Milestones: HALF WAY there. Oh my!!

New post about Orion below if you didn't already see it!
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