Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Cuteness of O

OK, so I promised you pictures of Orion this week... sorry it took so long, but here they are! These are just some random pics of O being cute over this last month. This first one is actually from the Sanctity of Life Day we had with the youth... there were snacks... and Orion ate a lot of them.

Baby in a box! He was playing alone in his room and I was hearing some strange noises from that direction, and this is what I found. He got the box open and just sat himself in there. Silly.

I put the bag O's blocks go in on his head one day and he thought it was super funny. He kept pulling it off and then bringing it back to me to put it back on. Actually, last night he was doing the same thing but with one of my boots... he wanted me to put it on his foot, then he'd hobble around for a little bit, get it off, and bring it back. I tried to take a pic with my phone but it was too dark :( Sooo funny though!

Gasp! Cheerio disaster! I keep Cheerios in a puffs container, and if O gets ahold of it he likes to pull off the lid... and this is what happens. I felt like a good mom that day though, because instead of scolding him I took a picture :P Haha!

Orion has been crazy about books the last month. He brings them to me one by one from his room so we end up with a big stack in the living room. He likes anything that involves peek-a-boo flaps or animal sounds.

I love this... he likes to climb up on his little push car and watch the turtles. The first day he did it (this picture) he must have stood there for like 15 minutes.

Things he's up to:
-Words- he can say ball, kitty, wow, cheese, mama, dada, Boz (Pronounced "ba," same as ball, except more excited. A video he's obsessed with.)
-Sleep- doing great. He sleeps 11 or 12 hours straight every night. Love it!! His naps haven't been all that awesome, but he pretty much always sleeps 45 minutes+ twice a day.
-Eating- he's getting pickier :/ We feel like all he eats is cheese, pb&j, and fruit. Sometimes he surprises us, and we're always trying to get him to eat different things, but he's into turning his nose up at foods before he even tries them. What happened to my good eater??
-Teeth- he has all four molars. Canines are next... I hear those are killer :(
-Likes- still loves his kitty Charles and will even snuggle him when Charles sits still; balls- he got a huge ball recently and he loves to carry it and throw it around; climbing- he figured out how to get up on a chair upstairs by himself; tv... haha, yeah, I'm a bad mom... he doesn't watch it all day or anything but he does like it; books, as previously mentioned; chapstick. This is kind of an annoying like. He pulls the cap off and puts it on... his eyes. Wha??; making messes... his greatest skill

Orion needs a hair cut pretty soon... the back is getting wild. I'm planning on doing it myself but I'm anxious about it!! At least I know I can just turn on Boz and he won't move a muscle for 45 minutes...

Well I skipped my nap to write this, so I hope you liked it ;) Our big ultrasound is today at 3:45 and I'm SO excited- I can't wait! Will post pictures and hopefully the gender tonight!!!
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