Thursday, June 30, 2011

Desmond Daniel Lambes

Desmond Daniel Lambes was born at 8:15 on June 30th, 2011. He is 7 pounds 13.9 ounces and 21 inches long.
He's strong and healthy, as are his mother and I. Got over being sick just in time to run to the hospital at 11:30 last night.

Labor details are as follows. No drugs other than an epidural, so labor progressed naturally. I got to nap on and off all through the night, which was nice. Rachel didn't sleep, but she was fairly comfortable through the night. She was fully dilated at ten centimeters by seven this morning, but she didn't feel the need to push until seven forty five, when most of the hospital staff started piling into the room (not really, it just feels that way. There were probably only four or five.) After that, it was just a waiting game. The doctor hadn't come in yet, but Desmond was coming. The woman who delivered him was literally hovering over Rachel, waiting for the doctor to come through the door so she could break the water. The doctor came in at about ten after eight and was tying his shoes when Desmond was born at eight fifteen.

It was a great birth, much less stressful than Orion's. So far, he's a lot quieter than Orion too, though he has already pooped a ton. Nursed pretty much right away. Right now they're both resting while I wait for my breakfast platter from McDonalds, the first meal I will have eaten that wasn't cereal in two days. Looking forward to it.

I can't stress enough just how awesome God has been to us. To go from being seriously ill one day to delivering a baby the next isn't a situation most would want to be in. I had a fever that broke, literally, just before we left for the hospital and I've felt fine (if hungry) ever since. Rachel just ate a nice breakfast and all signs point to it staying down. I really can't point to anything other than the power of prayer for this, so I want to thank all of you who went to God on our behalf last night. We needed it, and he delivered.

Sometimes it takes being helpless and weary to realize just how solid a rock he is to lean on and we were definitely leaning on him last night. The result? All three of us are feeling healthy.

God bless, everyone.
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