Friday, September 30, 2011

Desmond - 3 months old

Desmond is three months old today :) He is still a super sweet, laid-back little dude. He sleeps most of the day... even more so the last couple days which makes me wonder if he's going through a growth spurt. He's getting so big and heavy! I'll have to update this if I decide to go in and get him weighed. I got to hold my friend Melanie's newborn today... I can't believe how much Des has changed and grown in 3 months!! But he gets cuter by the day and he's SUCH a joy.

This is his favorite thing to do lately: suck on his hands. He's so talented ;)

And here's what O has been up to. Train track! Or "choo chack!" Haha :) We also finally got his train table set up which is nice for keeping the track all in one place. He's been carrying his trains and trucks around more though, so the whole train ended up upstairs today :P

He has been extra snuggly the last few days which we are loving, and repeats words all the time. He even helped me load my groceries from the cart to the van yesterday. What a big boy :)

Aaand here they are both giving me death glares. Pretty sure Orion was trying to watch TV and Desmond was obviously falling over. But they're still cute :)

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We've been busy! Hallogivingmas is coming up next weekend!! Yaay!
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