Monday, October 17, 2011

Germantown 5K

My dad and I successfully ran the Germantown 5K on Saturday! My only goal was to run the whole thing (no walking), and I achieved that goal! My buddy Kaylee, who ran it with me last year, ran with us too. I finished in 35:45, which is just about the same as my other 5K results... slow and steady ;) Hey, at least I'm consistent!

Race Results

About to cross the finish line!

As a big surprise, I got a medal for finishing in third place in my age group (and gender), and my dad got second in his! Please ignore the fact that we were beaten by a 7 year old and a 78 year old... ha!!

I also won a pedicure and a TJ Chumps gift card (well, dad won the card and gave it to me) as door prizes! Sweet!

Thanks again for running with me, Dad; I couldn't have done it without you!!
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