Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Orion!

My baby turned 2 a couple days ago! In some ways I can't believe two years have passed already, but in others it seems like he's always been around.

Here are the stats:
Height: 2' 9" (15th percentile)
Weight: 28.5 lbs (55th percentile)
Head: 19.69" (80th percentile)
So he's doing awesome! He's short which is no surprise, but I'm thrilled that he's finally an average weight! He's not skinny any more! Aaaand he still has a big noggin ;)

What he's up to:

-Orion talks all. the. time. He has a word for just about everything, or will copy whatever you say if he doesn't know what a thing is called. He's been stringing words together a lot... he'll say "more juice," or "Night-night Daddy," or "light on." My favorite phrase is "I love you," of course ;)

-O knows all of his letters, numbers 1-13, colors, and shapes!

-He has slept in til 8:30 or 9:00 every morning for the past week or two! And he's been napping for 1.5-2 hours every day! If you know Orion, you know this is NOT normal. I could get used to this!!

-Right now he's obsessed with the movie Wall-E. He asks to watch it constantly ("Mawl-E? Boo-bot?"). Speaking of talking, he gives a commentary through the whole movie... "Uh oh! Boo bot! Night night Mawl-E." Rocket!" I'm glad he likes a movie that's not obnoxious... I love Wall-E, but I can't figure out why HE does!

-O loves cars and trucks. And planes. And trains. And boats. Anything transportation related :P He likes to carry a toy car with him when we go anywhere, even if it's just upstairs.

-Orion loves to run and climb and kick and throw. I think he's going to be pretty athletic.

We had Orion's birthday party last weekend (the weekend before his birthday, because our friends Andrew and Kayla got married on his birthday!). We ended up having it in the youth room at church because we had so many people!

We went with a car theme. He likes the Cars movie, but I didn't want to do aaaalll Cars character decorations, so we combined it with checkered flag and red decorations. I think it came out really cute :)

Here's his cake! I'm very happy that it came out just as I imagined :)

We decided to leave the balloons on the floor for O to play with.

Some of our party guests. Jenga!

My dad and Desy :)

Aunt Rachel and Des in their party hats (and Des with drool).

Nathan made fajita quesadillas and I made cilantro lime rice. Yum!

O approves this lunch. Cheese quesadillas are his favorite :)

Everyone enjoying dinner. Rachel brought her boyfriend and Allie brought 3 friends, and my parents came, so we had quite a party!

O isn't sure what to think of those crazies standing on chairs singing to him.

...but he liked the cake decorations! I love the trail of frosting :P

Mmm, cake.

O and Mama

Aunt Allie and Aunt Rachel got him a super cool trike! I think he'll get the peddles figured out by spring. In the mean time, it has a bell!!

So many cool presents, including a motorized train and lots of cars!

I love my big 2 year old :)
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