Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thirty-One Beginnings

On March 8 I had my Thirty-One kick-off party! Robin (my mother-in-law) hosted it for me. I set up a display of my start-up kit plus some products a friend from church let me borrow. I wanted to show as many products as possible, because I know many people (myself included) like to look things over, see how they work, touch and feel things before I buy them. I was so happy to have such a large display!

We had 14 guests and had a really good time! I think my presentation went well (I was so nervous!) and I was very thankful for audience participation! Most everyone took their time shopping and socializing :)

The party order came today in two HUGE boxes and it was so fun to look through everything! I have about a bazillion hot pink bags to deliver at church tomorrow :P I hope everyone is happy with their purchases!!

This is a photo of everything my hostess earned FOR FREE. That's over $350 in products. Free. That blows my mind... that much free stuff just for hosting a two hour party. Not to mention she got three half-price items on top of that! I was so happy she was able to get everything she wanted :)

...including this 5th Avenue bag that I was drooling over... Robin got it half price and gave it to me for my birthday (which was Sunday... happy birthday to me ;)!

I also got rewarded for doing well this month which was an unexpected bonus! I got a rolling tote, cinch-it-up thermal tote, flat iron case, and a mini zipper bag in the mail for free! Don't you just love free stuff??

So yeah... I'm really glad I joined Thirty-One... it has been SO worth it so far :)
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