Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gen Con 2013

Last Friday, Nathan and I dropped our friend Kaylee off at her new dorm at Cedarville University, and then hit the road to Indianapolis! We set up camp at the Indianapolis KOA (which was very nice, if you're ever in the area), then drove into Indy.

We found food truck central and enjoyed some delicious loaded fries, and then picked up our Gen Con badges and checked out the convention center.  Back to camp, slept, packed up, Subway breakfast, and back into Indy.

We started off our day bright and early with play-testing a prototype game called Chaosmos. It was really fun! We'd play it again for sure. I hope it's published successfully. Also... I won.

Nathan and me with the creator of Chaosmos.

Firefly: the board game! We had to wait to get a spot to play this one, and we only got to play for a little while, but it was fun. I would like to play the whole thing. It comes out in September.

Another prototype game we play-tested called Lineage. It took a little longer for us to get into this one, but it ended up being pretty fun. Also... I won.

I couldn't find a good picture of the exhibit hall, but it was huuuuge, and packed with people and vendors. Tons and tons of games (I hardly knew where to start), as well as gaming accessories and other, even more nerdy things... I guess you had to be there. ;)

Somewhere in there we ate at Noodles & Co. for lunch and walked the exhibit hall, plus play-tested a card game. We ended the evening by watching a movie (The Gamers 3), drove out of the city and ate Wendy's at 11pm, and made it home at 1 in the morning.

Gen Con was overwhelming, exhausting, and so much fun. We'd definitely go again... but next time, for more than one day! It was impossible to pack it all in.

The board games we ended up buying:
-Pandemic: On the Brink (expansion to a game we already had)
-Once Upon a Time
-Boss Monster
-Dungeon Roll

Nathan also bought a copy of a book he loves, "The Name of the Wind," and had it signed by the author, Pat Rothfus.
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