Friday, September 13, 2013

A good day for tromping

Today we had beautiful cool fall weather, so after dinner Nathan and I took the boys over to the local metropark for a hike. It was so nice... I hope we can do it more this fall. The boys enjoyed the flowers, rocks, pond, and running up and down the path.

If Nathan's wearing a hoodie, you know it's jacket weather. I hope it sticks around!

Des fell once accidentally, and then decided it was funny and so kept purposefully falling. This looks like a senior picture...

What else could a boy want but some rocks and a big leaf? I didn't tell him to show me the rocks or anything, I just caught him looking at his treasures :)

 The boys were being really funny and cute and taking turns hugging me, Nathan, and each other. Awwww...

Des helping his brother zip up his jacket.

Orion took off his jacket and asked Desy to carry it. Ha! That's a big brother for you.

Sometimes it just seems easier to stay inside, but every time we spend a significant amount of time outside together the day really seems so much better. It's true: fresh air and exercise does you good!
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