Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I spent some of my free time the last few days reading through all my old blog entries... what a flashback! I started this blog the month after Nathan and I got married! It is just crazy not only how much life has changed since then, but how many adventures we've been on together! We may have a very "normal" life, but it is full of fun, travel, and surprises!

I would really like to try to make blogging a more day-to-day type endeavor instead of just a report on big trips/events. I think I usually just put daily stuff on facebook, but I think here is better :)

Speaking of day-to-day...

...does anybody else's house look like this?? Oy. There's more that you can't see in the picture too. I have a nasty cold today (sick for the first time in months! Wow! Maybe those vitamin C supplements are working) and am not feeling well, so I just let it happen. I suppose I should get Des to help me clean up his disaster and get lunch started. TTFN!
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