Friday, September 6, 2013


The weather has finally cooled down the last few days, so we've had the chance to spend more time outside! The mosquitoes are still ridiculous, but we have to take what we can get.

We got a real archery target this week! Up to this point we'd been shooting a cardboard goblin that Nathan made (which was pretty sweet), but we wanted something that would hold up better. This one is working well for us so far!

I don't think I ever posted a picture of these... this is my longbow and quiver of arrows! Nathan got them for me for Mother's Day/our anniversary (along with sending me on an epic quest). 

At first I was having issues because I hyper extend my arm, so the bowstring slapped me every time I shot (which hurts), and even an arm guard wasn't helping much... my arm was just in the way. But I figured out that by adjusting my grip I shift my whole arm and avoid this problem. Yay! 

Nathan and I both improved a lot, and although we won't be winning any medals or shooting any fluffy creatures, we have had a lot of fun.  Except when we lose arrows in the grass... all...the...time...

Orion is into climbing trees lately. He's getting big and adventurous enough that he can usually get both up and down on his own. He can also climb up on the kitchen counter on his own.

Des wants to come too!

Desy Doodle Bug honking the bike horn. Orion has finally learned to ride his tricycle, and he's really good at it now! He goes really fast and maneuvers well. I think I'll need to get some kind of trike for Des soon so he can play too.

Brothers enjoying a snack.

You can't go on a walk without a walking stick! Haha, I thought this was so funny... I didn't tell them to do this, O just picked up a stick and then of course Desy did too.

 OK, this isn't outdoors, but it's awesome so I had to share. Des put a box on his head, and then put one on Orion's head. What a couple of goobers. :)
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