Monday, December 9, 2013

December Days

-I stole an idea from Pinterest and threw the boys in a box with some markers and let them go at it. Later I gave Des a separate box because it was a tight fit. It didn't entertain them for as long as I expected, but they did have fun!

-I've felt the first little kicks from Baby the last couple days! I thought I may have possibly felt movement earlier in the week, but now it's distinctive tiny kicks. Feeling the baby move is my favorite part of pregnancy, so I'm very excited. 16 weeks today!

-We got a big snowfall this weekend, and the boys were so excited to play in it! They had a ton of fun. Des got cold and wanted to go inside, but Orion stayed out with Nathan for a long time, and then went back out with Larry later. He could stay out there all day!

-We're hoping to get our Christmas tree today (or at least soon)! We have all our other decorating done, but I'm anxious to have a tree! Pretty sure Des is going to throw ornaments all over the house. We have almost all of our Christmas shopping done, and everything we have (that's not still being shipped) is wrapped! We love Christmas shopping and wrapping, so it'll be fun to watch everyone open their gifts :) Do you think the snow will stick around for Christmas?
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