Friday, December 6, 2013

The Silver Screen

This week we took the boys to see the new Disney movie, Frozen, for Desy's first movie theater experience. The boys did great, especially because the theater provided booster seats. They only got restless the last ten minutes or so, and we just let them stand up and walk a little bit down the row because the theater was pretty empty. The movie was really enjoyable- I was worried the boys might be afraid of the big snow monster, but they were ok. Orion really liked the snowman :) We tried to take a selfie picture of all of us, but it was not a pretty site... this one would be better if Desmond's eyes weren't closed ;) Nathan even treated the boys to McDonald's after the show, which just made the day extra special for them.

Apparently I didn't post about Orion's first movie theater outing on here, so let's flash back! I took Orion on a date to see Planes in August while Des napped and Nathan worked on school at home. O had to sit on my lap the whole time because the seat tried to eat him, but he did great anyway and watched the whole movie. We shared an orange pop which just thrilled him. We ended up getting Orion the Planes DVD on his birthday, the day it was released :)

It's really fun that they boys are old enough to go to the theater and enjoy movies with us! Of course, we only go on $5 Tuesdays or to the cheap theater or else we'd go broke ;)
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