Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Orion's 4th Birthday Party

 We had Orion's birthday party the weekend after Thanksgiving because his aunts were in town! Orion wanted a tractor cake, so we went with sort of a farm/tractor theme. OK, so we had the cake and tractor plates and Orion wore a flannel shirt... not so very themey.

 Orion loved his cake- it turned out really cute, and it was so easy!

Singing to the birthday boy (on chairs, of course).

Blowing out the candles!

Mmm, cake :) Vanilla: Orion's favorite.

Our family :)

Look at that pile of gifts! Orion looks so blank... I promise he was excited!

 Opening his Peter Pan toys. This boy loves Peter Pan!

The marble race from Mama and Daddy was a big hit!

At the park with cousin Alyssa.

Awww :) What a fun day!
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