Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013: A year in review

Amazingly enough, another year has come and gone! Time is just flying by, so let's take a look back at 2013. We had a very busy year, as always... but full of adventures, which is just the way we like it. I wonder what this year will bring!

For Christmas last year I gave Nathan a year of dates planned and paid for. The dates included museums (Dead Sea Scrolls and Art), movies, an overnight stay at a retreat center, seeing a play, visiting a castle, and a vacation, to name a few. It was really fun and so nice to have everything paid for ahead of time since money was so tight this year!

We celebrated our good friend Jennifer's 30th birthday in March 1920's style complete with flapper dresses, pearls, fedoras, and a Nerf gun gangster fight.

 I joined the YMCA and the boys and I typically go three times a week. They really enjoy playing in Child Watch, and I get to stay physically active and get some social interaction! It's a win-win! I'm very thankful to those who donate to support families like ours.

We met up with Jake and Rachel in Louisville for a patriotic photo shoot, as well as visiting our Southern Seminary stomping grounds.

I went to the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention with some friends for the 3rd time (?). It's always a great learning experience and great girl time! Nathan is going with me this year so we can actually make some curriculum decisions for Orion.

We raised chickens from just-out-of-the-egg to adults (who are now sitting in our garage so they don't freeze to death!) who produce eggs daily!

We had a particularly adventurous Lambes family vacation in Georgia this year that included white water rafting, ziplining, horseback riding, hiking, and more. It was a great time!!

Desmond turned 2 and Orion turned 4! They are both getting so big, with big personalities to boot!

Nathan and I adventured in Red River Gorge, KY on our 6th anniversary weekend. We did lots of cool stuff including caving, kayaking, hiking, and making random stops at interesting places along the way.

Nathan got me a longbow and a quiver of arrows, so we had a fun new hobby this summer!

Nathan and I attended Gen Con, a board game convention, with all the other nerds in the country. It was lots of fun, and we'd love to go again! Our favorite part was play-testing unpublished games.

My Grandpa Jones (September) and Nathan's Grandma Langley (December) both passed away.

We announced that we're expecting our third baby, and I'm now half way through the pregnancy! It has been very healthy so far, and we should find out the baby's gender in two days!

We hosted our annual Hallogivingmas party with our college friends. We are crazy blessed with great friends.

I celebrated Thanksgiving this year by posting something I'm thankful for each day on Facebook. I collected all of them in my Thankful November post.

We took the boys to see their first movie theater movies: Planes for Orion, and Frozen for Desy. It's so fun to be able to go together!

Nathan finished his first full year in the Masters of Divinity program at Liberty University Online. He did very well and is starting classes again in a week. He actually had a month long break over December/January, which is the first real break he's had since he started!

We celebrated Christmas and New Year with our families and friends! A great end to the old year and a great start to the new one :)

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