Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby Projects: Done, doing, and to do

 Every fall our church hosts "Heavenly Hand-Me-Downs," a free yard sale type event. This last fall I picked up a bassinet with a folding base even though it was kind of dirty and really ugly (I'm not a frills everywhere person)... but free is free, right? I bought some fabric that wasn't gender specific and got to work. Well... I finally finished it today, about six months later! It didn't really take that long... I just kept putting parts of it off ;) Anyway, this is the result:

It's far from perfect, but in my opinion it's a major improvement!

The stand can rock or sit on casters and has a handy basket underneath for sheets and such. The whole top bassinet part can be snapped off, and the canopy also comes off.

We actually prefer it without the canopy, so we may use it that way unless the bathroom/living room light starts waking up Cecelia.

A close-up of the fabric. Isn't it sweet?

This is a project/activity we've been doing throughout my pregnancy but I somehow didn't get a picture or think of mentioning it until now! I made a paper chain using images from representing how big the baby is this week. I've been using it as a countdown with the boys- we tear one off at the beginning of each week so they can see how big the baby is getting and how few weeks are left til she is big enough to come out.

This is a project we've started but have been unable to complete quite yet. We got this dresser on Craigslist for $15, and it's in pretty rough shape! It needs major sanding, first of all...

Also, someone replaced the hardware and drilled extra holes, so we need to fill those. I think we'll end up painting the whole thing a fun color to make it look new and happy once it's all prepped. For a $15 dresser we're willing to put in some elbow grease!

Next up: crib bedding! I couldn't really find any bedding for Cecelia that I loved that wasn't CRAZY expensive, so I decided to take the plunge and make my own. From the patterns I've looked at it doesn't look difficult at all, so here's hoping!! If you can't tell, this fabric is aqua and two shades of coral. Can you tell I have a thing for bird motifs?
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