Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cecelia: two months old

Sometimes she sucks on her hand/thumb

 Cece is two months old! It's amazing how much she has grown since she was born and how she changes every day!

She weighs about ten pounds! I have yet another lanky baby... no surprise there! I'm not going to supplement with formula this time around unless she becomes sickly or something... I don't think there's anything wrong with my babies; they're just little! Cece eats about every two hours during the day.

Meeting my Grandma Guilford

This past week Cece has started sleeping much longer at night! Last night she slept in her bed from 9-5, ate, and went back to sleep until 8. Love it!! I hope she keeps sleeping this well!

Meeting my college roommate, becca

I have to say she is still fairly high-strung during the day. It's rare for her to be content sitting on her own for more than a few minutes, and she fights hard against sleep. She only falls asleep relatively easily for Nathan or me (she's very particular), and will not stay asleep when we lay her down. She even fights sleep in the car. If this is the trade off for sleeping well at night I'll take it, but it would be lovely to be able to put this girl down for naps sometimes!

Cecelia has started to smile intentionally quite often. She's especially smiley when she first wakes up and eats. She also coos and "talks" to us.

Desy still loves his sister, and Orion has become a lot more affectionate with her as well! They can be a little rough sometimes, but it's adorable watching them with her.

Cece's eyes are still dark grey-blue and her hair is kind of light brown. I think her eyes will probably stay blue but her hair is still anyone's guess!

Keep smiling, sweet pea!
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