Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Desmond's Third Birthday

My Desy Doodle Bug turned THREE a week ago! He still feels like my baby in so many ways, but he's growing up a lot too!

Des had several birthday celebrations! We couldn't get all the family together at once, but I wanted to have an official party so I could make a cake and everything, so we just did it the weekend closest to his birthday. Our college friends, Ben and Jennifer, happened to be visiting (to meet Cecelia), so it made for a nice little party! Desy loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so that was our theme.

Our friends Ben and Jennifer joined us!

Des helped make his own cake

I made him a "Mikey" cake

Standing on chairs to sing, per Lambes tradition

Opening gifts. He got the Lego movie which has been a huge hit.

On Desy's actual birthday, we were invited to his friend Katy's house to celebrate her birthday, which is a day after his! Her mom and I are friends too, and we had a couple other friends and their children there (these are friends we met at the library's story time!), so it was a really nice party for all of us! My kids and I actually ended up staying all day, so I think Desy enjoyed his birthday (and I know I did!)!

The birthday girl and boy

All the kids enjoying Katy's playset

Desy and Lila being adorable

We took advantage of the long weekend and visited my parents this weekend, so Des got to enjoy yet another birthday celebration! We just had a really nice, relaxing weekend with Nana and Papa.
Birthday cake at Nana and Papa's house!

And now for an actual update! What Desmond is up to:

-Potty training!! We tried potty training the way I trained Orion, but it just didn't work for Desy. I asked for suggestions and several people recommended we try letting him go without a diaper or underpants for a couple days, and although we didn't see how that could work, we tried it anyway. After just one accident he started asking to go potty when he needed to (which he had never done before), and has only had a couple accidents since then this past week! He is even staying dry at night and on long car rides! I'm so surprised and excited! We still have some work to do, but I'm so pleased with this progress!

-He knows all his colors and shapes and can count to around 15. He's yet to start learning letters and numbers, but I'll start on those soon.

-Des is still a fantastic eater and will eat just about anything. Hurray!! I hope this never changes. 

-He weighs about 27 lbs and is still a shortie. He is so strong and solidly built... I think he's going to end up being about his Daddy/Uncle Jon's size and build.

-I love watching Desy play. He has the biggest imagination!! He acts out conversations with his food, rocks, toys, or whatever is in his hands. He's definitely my creative child!

-He is SO cute with Cecelia! He absolutely loves his baby sister and is always asking to hold her. He even uses a different voice when he talks to her. I hope they grow to be best buddies!

I interviewed Desmond using some of the same questions I asked Orion on his last birthday. Some of his answers are pretty funny. And apparently he had ice cream on the brain ;)

What's your name: Desy Daniel Lambes
How old are you? 65
Favorite food: apple
Favorite dessert: ice cream
Color: green
Shape: oval
Animal: giraffe
Best friend: Gwen
Movie: Frozen
TV show: Team UmiZoomi
Book: Little Red Racing Car
Song: Eidelweiss
Ice cream flavor: Eidelweiss! Haha! (after this he wanted to give that answer for everything because he thought it was funny so I had to postpone asking the rest of the questions)
Favorite store: ice cream store
What do you want to be when you grow up? Big
What does Daddy do for work? Plays
What does Mama do for work? Read books
Favorite restaurant? ice cream store
Do you have any brothers or sisters? Nope
Any pets? Yes! Bill.
Favorite thing to do outside? Swing
What toys to you take to bed with you? My seahorse and my bear
What are you scared of? A monster
What's your super power? My hands

Happy third birthday, Desy Do! You are ridiculously cute and stubborn and emotional and funny and creative... we just love having you as part of our family! I hope you always keep your playful spirit.
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