Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cecelia: 9 months

Cecelia is 9 months old! I feel like this has been a big month for her... she's learning a lot!

She hasn't been sleeping terribly well at night, so I'm really hoping that starts improving soon. We've had some rough nights lately! She usually takes two naps a day, but it varies, especially if we're out of the house a lot.Occasionally she surprises me, but her naps don't tend to be very long. I am thankful that she's learned to go to sleep on her own, so I can lay her down awake instead of trying to bounce her to sleep.

She's definitely getting big (well, big for a peanut)! I don't know how much she weighs, but she's getting heavy! She's due for a check-up, so I'll update here when I get her measurements.

Cece is sitting up really well! She leans forward onto her knees sometimes but doesn't stay up on her hands and knees. She scooches forward a bit sometimes, but no actual crawling yet. Cece is still very into rolling around to get where she wants!

Cece likes looking out the window, watching her brothers play, smacking people on the head, dancing to music, and playing with cups and any trash she can get a hold of (there's nothing quite as fun as cardboard). ;) Orion is probably her favorite person, and after that Mama and Daddy are tops.

This girl loves to eat! She's up to two jars of baby food for breakfast and dinner, and I think she wants to start solids at lunch time too. She still nurses about every two hours, but around meal times she'll go an extra hour or so. She isn't interested in chunky textures or finger foods yet.

Thankfully, Cecelia has been a lot happier this month! She has been healthy, so that certainly helps! She has been letting other people hold her more (at home) and doesn't immediately cry if I leave her sitting on the floor and walk out of the room. I've been able to get more done because she'll sit and play and watch her brothers while I'm in another room. I love how much she smiles these days!!

Cece learned to wave! It's so cute. I just have to tell her, "say hi!" and she'll wave! She is also starting to clap her hands. Also, she got her second tooth! Thankfully, this one didn't seem to hurt when it came in. :)

Happy nine months, pretty girl!
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