Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cecelia: 10 months

Cecelia is ten months old! This has been a BUSY month for this girl- she has learned a lot!

Napping at a friend's house in the midst of crazy loud children playing. Somehow.

Cece is working on getting several teeth. As I write this, tooth four is in (she has two top teeth on the left side of her mouth and none on the right. Haha.), and the next two are coming soon. Between that and everyone being sick last week, nights have been rough. She's up a lot. Some day she'll sleep more than a couple hours at a time...

This girl loves to eat! She eats about two jars of baby food three times a day, and has also started eating finger foods like cut up banana, cooked carrots, crackers, etc. She has decided she hates carrot baby food.

Cece has learned to pull herself up to stand! This picture is of the first time I saw her do it. She loves standing up! She's also crawling! She was scooting and army crawling for a while, but in the last few days she's started proper crawling. She can climb the two stairs in our sunken living room. I'm curious when she'll walk... probably in a couple months?

Cecelia can clap her hands and wave, and is learning to blow kisses. She's pretty vocal and likes to scream dramatically. She also likes to dance.

Both boys are still crazy about her she she really loves them too. She and Orion are especially close. Des tends to be a bit too rough. They're great big brothers and are super helpful in taking care of her and keeping her out of trouble. "Cece! Don't eat that!" "No cords, Cecelia!" :)

Someone left their Cheetos unattended...

Since she started rolling/crawling freely, Cece has been into everything. She's honestly quite naughty. She really reminds us of Orion as a baby... she knows exactly what she shouldn't get into and she makes a b-line for it. Oh dear. The boys are going to get very frustrated with her as she gets into more and more of their stuff.

Cece's favorite toy: a memory game. She likes to put things into containers. She also likes to play with rattles, DVD boxes, crinkly plastic/paper, the cat's water bowl, phones, remotes, and anything she can stick in her mouth.

Cece is very attached to her mama and daddy. She hates going to the nursery at church. At home she tends to be a lot better, but she still cries sometimes if someone takes her away from me or if she sees me leave the room. She's much more content than she used to be, but she definitely has some separation anxiety! I hope that's a short phase :) I'm very thankful that I can usually manage to work in the kitchen while she and the boys play in the living room! We're getting there.
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