Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cecelia: 11 months

11 months! That one year mark is fast approaching, and this girl is certainly acting the part!

This picture is of the first time Cece was standing up in her bed when I got her up from a nap. She can stand up holding on to things, is starting to cruise, and she even let go and stood up for a second unsupported the other day! And she can crawl fast!

Cece's first trip to the zoo. She had a fun day! The matinee room (above) was her favorite because she got to crawl around on the carpet :)

She is eating mostly finger foods. Her favorite thing is probably crackers, but she's not very picky. She loves chicken, fruit, cheese, and yogurt. In this picture you can see her eating the cookie she stole from Desy. Unsurprisingly, she loved it.

We Lambeses lick our plates!

Getting table scraps from her brothers. She's better than a puppy!

Cece has six teeth, and #7 is working its way out right now! She has been very cranky this week, so I'm hoping she gets a break from teething soon.

Just because this picture is adorable :)

Cece still wakes up to eat during the night, usually between one and three times. Obviously I'm looking forward to more uninterrupted sleep! ...but at least she generally goes back to sleep without a fight.

Sometimes she sleeps with her bum in the air :)

It is getting very warm around here! Cecelia loves splashing in the water! She loves playing with her brothers and is much happier if they're around to entertain her. She also crawls around all over the yard and gets FILTHY. Sometimes she crawls on her toes to give her knees a break; it's so cute and funny!

Lots of baths these days to deal with those dirty knees!

We celebrated Cece's first Easter a few weeks ago! I just love this picture Robin took of the kids on Easter morning. Those are some stinkin' cute kids...

The boys like to pick dandelions for me, and I always put them behind my ear. Cece sees it and smiles, and then steals it and tries to put it behind her own ear! I'll help her put it there and she actually leaves it there. I think it's so sweet.

Next up: her first birthday! Aaah!
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