Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Orion's 6th Birthday

Orion is SIX! Can you believe it?! I cannot believe how big this boy is getting! I can barely pick him up! Before long he's going to be taller than his mama!

This year he celebrated with a Star Wars birthday party (much to his Daddy's excitement). We had fun decorating and dressing up, and were so pleased that we had so much of our family in attendance!

Orion and Joran share a birthday!

What a blessed boy.

Daddy got him an R2D2 toy that moves and beeps. You can imagine Orion's excitement!

What's your name? Orion
What day is your birthday? November 19th
How old are you? 6
What's your favorite color? Red
Favorite number?100
Favorite letter? I
Favorite shape? Circle
Favorite food? A hotdog
Favorite candy? Smarties
Favorite game? Loopin' Chewy
Favorite movie? Wall-E
Favorite TV show? Paw Patrol
Favorite book: Two Bad Mice
What do you want to be when you grow up? A missionary scientist
What is your Daddy's job? Working at the Cincinnati Office
What is Mama's job? Taking care of us
Favorite place to go? Sam's Club
Favorite restaurant? McDonald's
Favorite animal? Lions and tigers
Do have brothers or sisters? Desy and Cecelia
Any pets? Tilda and Stripes, which are the mice. Bill is the cat.
Favorite song? Goodnight My Someone
Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla
Who is your best friend? Waverlynn
Favorite cereal? Cocoa Krispies
Favorite thing to do outside? Climb the pine tree
Favorite drink? Fanta Orange pop
What toys do you like to take to bed with you? Scout
What's your favorite holiday? New Year's
What are you good at? Soccer
Who is the coolest person ever? Gideon
Favorite toy? My Obi Wan Kenobi lightsaber
What makes you happy? Getting ticklish
What makes you sad? Getting lost
What are you scared of? My ghost dreams
What's your super power? Seeing far away, up close, and running really fast.

Actually, his super power is reading. This kid can read anything. I just love to see him sit and read on his own for ages.

He may be academic, but Orion is also athletic. He loves to climb trees, and he has learned to climb up the doorways in the house. We're considering putting him in Tai Kwon Do soon.

Orion has lost two teeth so far! I'm worried his permanent teeth won't be as pretty as his perfect baby teeth!

He's into superheroes, Star Wars, and science. He reads a lot of books and magazines and is a never-ending font of questions. Orion loves music and likes to listen to it LOUDLY in the car. His favorite band is Five Iron Frenzy.

His fine motor skills are a weakness, but he has been working hard to improve his handwriting. He has discovered that he likes some forms of art (especially Jackson Pollock style "action painting"). He likes to help with cooking and baking. Orion is VERY helpful with his sister and is so good with babies and animals.

Orion, you are such a cool dude and I love you like crazy. Be kind and patient, and keep being passionate about things you love. Happy birthday!
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