Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Spring

We have really been enjoying the warmer spring weather the last few weeks! After being cooped up all winter we are spending lots of time outside!  On my birthday the kids and I went for a hike at a local metro park and did our best to avoid the "serious mud" ...with limited success. Getting out in the sunshine together made it a good day.

Orion is all about climbing trees these days! Cece is such a crazy climber I think she'll want to be up there with him soon. Eek!

Sooo this was a nightmare to clean up, but I don't even care. They had SO much fun in the mud!!

Easter was beautiful this year, and we celebrated with LOTS of family! I was thrilled to get a nice picture of all of the kids together! It's a rarity ;)

We had our egg hunt and Easter feast on Saturday this year to eliminate the rush on Sunday, so we had a great holiday weekend. The kids had a blast.

The Easter egg hunters are up to their ears in goodies!

Nathan and I got to attend the "Great Midwest Homeschool Convention" in Cincinnati together this year. We stayed overnight and attended lots of workshops as well as walking the massive exhibit hall (HALF of it pictured here). Since Nathan works in downtown Cinci, he knows lots of great restaurants... we ate WELL that weekend! It was a really fun and inspiring time for us.

Our homeschool co-op is already done for the summer, so I feel like we should be wrapping up school soon as well... but we still have a while to go if we want to finish our curriculum for this year! I can't believe Orion will be in first grade and Desy in kindergarten this fall. I'm trying to get everything together and am curious to see how our days will look when we start our new curriculum. We were very minimal this year, but next year we'll be covering a lot more! We are sticking with RightStart Math and A Reason for Handwriting, but are going to try out Sonlight for our other subjects. It's literature based.... so yay :) Books!

It's getting downright hot already... I've heard it's going to be an extra hot summer this year. Super. But hey, at least the kids can get outside to play!

I've used up our normal school time on this blog post, so I have some catching up to do! Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!!
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