Monday, June 27, 2016

Cecelia's 2nd birthday

Can you believe that Cece baby is two years old?! She is getting to be so grown up... in so many ways she's just not a baby any more.

Here are the stats:
Weight: 26 lbs (35%)
Height: 2' 9.5" (38%)
Head: 18.9" (60%)
BMI: 16.29 (49%)

Here's what she's up to:

-She's a pretty big talker! She's stringing together more and more words. Today she said, "I swimmin! You swimmin too, Mama?" I love how well she can communicate!!

-Cecelia is not a picky eater! Yaaay! She doesn't like everything, but she does like more things than not. She likes to steal bites of what the adults are eating (even if she has the same thing on her own plate).

-She and Desy are finally starting to play nicely together! Hallelujah! Until now Desy has been the thorn in Cece's side, constantly irritating her. Now she talks about him all the time and loves to imitate him. Yes!

-Cece can count... I'm not sure how she learned that.

-She loves to dance! This girl can groove. It's so fun.

-She is getting her 2 year molars right now, and I'm hoping that's the cause of her cranky cranky crankiness.

-Cece sleeps from about 8:00pm-9:00am these days, which is faaaabulous. I'm not a morning person, so it's pretty great to be able to just chill in bed that late if I want to (and of course I want to).

-We took away her pacifier a couple months ago and it went great! Only a couple rough nights and a few more rough naps and she's over it.

Book: Home for a Bunny
TV: Bubble Guppies, Tumbleleaf, Creative Galaxy
Activity: reading, swinging, trampoline, eating ALL THE TIME

We celebrated her birthday on our Lambes family vacation to Cedar Point, so we just brought some cupcakes, candles, and a few gifts. She was plenty happy with that!

Thankfully, Cece doesn't have terrible separation anxiety like she did when she was very little (leaving her in the church nursery was almost impossible for a while), but she is still SUCH a mama's girl. Most of the time she just wants me (aaaall the time), and has a highly developed sense of stranger danger! I'm always surprised when she's friendly to people outside of our family...

Besides her fear of people, this girl is fearless! She is such a wild child and is constantly climbing something or getting into trouble. She loves the water (I call her my water baby since she was born in the water), be it a pool, lake, river, creek, puddle, or sink. She is, however, scared of bugs.

...except worms.

Happy birthday, not-so-baby girl!
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