Friday, July 29, 2016

Four times blessed

Yes, FOUR times! I'm so happy to announce that we're expecting baby #4 in March! We are so thankful and excited to have been given this beautiful new life.

We got to have an ultrasound yesterday and everything looked perfect! Baby's heartbeat was about 170 bpm and everything else looked healthy as well. The sound of a preborn baby's heartbeat is just magical.

They moved my estimated due date from March 10 to March 4 based on the baby's measurements, which I think is fun since it's baby #4 :)

In this picture you can see the yolk sac on the right- I've never had an early enough ultrasound to see that before, so I think it's super cool. The placenta isn't even fully formed yet. But Baby has fingers, toes, and a working brain. AMAZING.

I got a positive pregnancy test on June 27, what I thought was really early (3 weeks 4 days), but with the new dates it was actually 4 weeks 2 days. It's really light, but it's there! I was immediately so thankful and joyful.

To tell Nathan, I wrapped up the test and put in inside a package he got in the mail (his fancy lightsaber). He was unwrapping all the pieces from his lightsaber and when he opened the test he just stared at it, trying to process what he was looking at. Finally he said something like "Rachel! What the heck?! How did you get that in there??" And a couple minutes later "You're so sneaky..." Haha :)

Oven the next few weeks we got to tell our family and friends in various ways (we tried to be creative). Everyone has been so supportive and excited! We finally told our kids (Orion said "WHAT?!", Desy asked a bunch of questions, and Cece said, "eat outside!") and did a public announcement yesterday after our ultrasound. It's so fun sharing good news.

The way I feel has been changing week to week. Right at first I was nauseous and dizzy for about two weeks, then fine for a week, nauseous for another week, and pretty much fine since then. Besides that, I have had ligament pain a couple times, some tiredness, a little heartburn this week, and my sense of smell has been really sensitive to bad smells (never had that with my other pregnancies). Brushing my teeth is always hard when pregnant because it makes me gag. I can't complain- my body handles pregnancy really well and I'm feeling good :)

The picture above is from week 4.

Aaand this picture is from 7.5 weeks. Hahaha. I don't always look this big and I know a lot of it is just bloating, but I'm glad the word is finally out so I don't have to hide THAT! Haha, I love being pregnant and am a-ok with wearing those comfy maternity pants already. Which is good since my regular ones don't fit...

I'm so curious to see who this little one will be! <3
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