Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hazel: 2 months old

Hazel turned 2 months old a week ago! I waited until now to write a post because she had her checkup today. Surprise surprise, she has started dropping on the growth charts. That's our norm, so I'm not worried. She's obviously a healthy, happy girl! She is moving into 0-3 month clothes. She can wear some newborn things but many are getting too short.

Here are the stats:
Height: 22 inches (19%)
Weight: 10lbs 8oz (21%)
Head: 38cm (33%)

She got several immunizations today and only cried for a minute, then fell asleep in the car and is still snoozing three hours later. I declined band aids today because last time taking them off really hurt her skin! Maybe I left them on too long.

I still suspect thrush because her tongue is white, but the doctor doesn't think so (I think because she doesn't have patches anywhere else in her mouth). I kind of feel like she passed it to me the last couple days, but I hope I'm wrong!! If her tongue is bothering her she certainly doesn't complain.

Hazel is far and away the easiest baby I've had. She basically sleeps through the night most nights (!?!?!?!). Last night, for example, she slept from about 9:30-6:45, ate, then slept til 9. She has me so spoiled... I kind of expect her to revert to getting up more later on, but I'm enjoying my sleep for now! I do have to nurse her to sleep and sometimes getting her to stay settled in bed is hard, but when she's out she's out.

During the day Hazel naps in her swing. I usually set her down when she's sleepy or content and she drifts off. Sometimes she only sleeps for a little while, sometimes for four hours. I'm intentionally avoiding looking at the clock or thinking about her schedule because I have found that it doesn't help and only stresses me out. It has been really nice. There are times when she wants to cluster feed or use me as a pacifier (she won't take a paci) and that can be frustrating, but overall she's quite laid-back and content (finally!!).

Hazel loves to talk to people and makes the cutest little coos and sounds. She smiles easily and has been excitedly kicking her feet lately. She has the sweetest personality. When she's not sleeping or nursing she often just hangs out on her blanket on the floor and looks around. The other kids like to talk to her. Orion will lay down and look at her, Desy will talk to her and rub her cheeks with his finger, and Cece likes to bring her toys. I worry she's going to get a flat head because she just lays around so much! I've never had such a content baby.

Hazel continues to nurse well. She spits up quite a bit, but nothing beyond normal. She has had a couple impressive blow-outs and I've moved her out of newborn size diapers (we still have some left over thanks to gifts from generous family and friends!). Between her clothes, burp cloths, blankets, nursing pads and camis, we go through a lot of laundry! I really need to wash her car seat and swing covers. Babies are gross. ;)

I feel very lucky to have such a sweet, easy baby. I think God took it easy on me for baby #4. ;)

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