Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Desy's 6th Birthday

Happy birthday, Desy Doodle Bug! Six seems like an awfully big number for such a little boy...

Desy was very lucky and got to have two birthday parties this year! On his actual birthday we were at Nana and Papa Jones' house, so we had cake and ice cream and lots of presents! Legos, super heroes, and even the remote controlled R2D2 he asked for.

The day after his birthday we went on a mini vacation to Michigan. Separate post forthcoming... but check out those sweet Batman shades! And those gangly legs. This is one skinny boy. He's finally grown a bit taller this year (it seemed like he hadn't grown at all for so long!), but he's still a little bug.

When we got back from Michigan we had a party with the Lambeses at our house. He wanted a Batman and Superman cake... so we made the outside Batman and the inside had the Superman colors, which was a surprise to Desy! He thought it was pretty amazing.

Desy picked mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Superman table, Batman plates.

We had lots of family there! We had Ra and Papa, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Joran and Aunt Allie, cousins Ellie and Josiah, and our family. Whew! We ate pulled pork for dinner.

Cousins!! :)

What he's up to:

-Desy LOVES his baby sister, Hazel. He's always talking to her, hugging her, or playing with her. If she's cranky and I'm busy cooking or something, I always ask Desy to talk to her because he's so good at making her happy. Nobody can make her laugh like he does!
-Des loves legos and building toys. He can follow picture instructions without help.
-He's very good at coloring and has great fine motor skills. He's creative and likes arts and crafts.
-Desy never stops talking and asks "why?" about everything.
-He likes TV and video games... Minecraft is probably his favorite. Instead of building stuff he gets himself a pack of dogs and sics them on virtual cows. Ha!
-Desy plays pretend a lot... he and Cece will pretend to go to a dancing party, or play house, or play super heroes.
-He likes to touch everybody and makes his siblings mad when he sits or lays on top of them.
-Desy is VERY sensitive and empathetic. He will cry when a favorite character on a TV show leaves or when some injustice is done that he just can't handle. He often cries when he has a disagreement with a sibling or friend or when he gets hurt. He still whines a lot.
-He's starting to read a little bit (just doing some simple phonics). He wasn't interested until this school year, but he's definitely making progress now. He's doing great at math (a year ahead of his level since he does the same curriculum as Orion).
-He likes to help, especially if it's making the little ham sliders pictured above. I have been letting him use a real knife to cut the rolls open and he thinks he's hot stuff.
-Desy is everybody's friend. He just loves to play and talk with people.
-He always says his eyes are green, which we always teased him about since they're obviously blue. Buuuut they're not just blue! They have yellow in the middle around his pupil! Very unique.
-Basically, he's just the cutest.

With his charisma, creativity, and sensitive soul, I think Desy has huge potential to do great things in his life. Use your powers for good, Doodle Bug! Happy birthday, buddy.

What's your name? Desy
What day is your birthday? June 30th
How old are you? 5
What's your favorite color? Blue
Favorite number?100
Favorite letter? D
Favorite shape? Circle
Favorite food? Pizza
Favorite candy? Chocolate bunny
Favorite game? Minecraft
Favorite movie? Larry Boy
Favorite TV show? Larry Boy
Favorite book: The Runaway Beard
What do you want to be when you grow up? Police Officer
What is your Daddy's job? To give people money
What is Mama's job? To take care of us
Favorite place to go? Sam's Club
Favorite restaurant? McDonald's
Favorite animal? A cat
Do have brothers or sisters? I have one brother and two sisters
Any pets? A fish
Favorite song? Twinkle twinkle
Favorite ice cream flavor? Twist
Who is your best friend? Ellie
Favorite cereal? Frosted Flakes
Favorite thing to do outside? Swing on the swings
Favorite drink? Root beer
What toys do you like to take to bed with you? My seahorse and my bear
What's your favorite holiday? Christmas
What are you good at? I'm good at school
Who is the coolest person ever? Joran
Favorite toy? Beary
What makes you happy? People giving me hugs
What makes you sad? People hitting me a lot
What are you scared of? The dark
What's your super power? To help people

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