Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hazel: Three months old

I'm posting this late, but this is basically my kids' baby book so I need to write this stuff down!

Hazel has continued to be the sweetest, easiest, friendliest baby! She definitely makes herself heard when she's mad, but she's generally a very happy girl. She likes to hang out on the floor and talk to her best friend Desy. She has learned to kick kick kick!

She caught a cold and stopped sleeping through the night, so now she's up an average of two times, but every night is a little different. Thankfully, she goes back to sleep and can be put back in her bed easily during the night. Sometimes it's hard for me to get her into bed at the beginning of the night, so I can get stuck sitting in bed nursing for a loooong time. She is swaddled at night and does not take a pacifier at three months. She naps in her swing but usually has to be nursed or rocked to sleep first, and is fighting naps a bit more.

 Hazel got to be a model for a lady I know who is a seamstress and who was testing a new pattern. Cute summer baby!

She nurses somewhere between every 2-4 hours during the day, but I'm purposefully not checking the clock because it's less stressful for me that way. She usually eats for about 20 minutes each time, which is longer than my other babies. She's definitely not chubby, but has nice full thighs and cheeks, so I'm happy. She did not have a checkup this month so I don't have her stats. I have the feeling that her weight is better than the other kids, but I'm anxious for her checkup next week.

Her eyes are still blue-gray and her hair is brown. She's working on a nice bald spot in the back. But Hazel is our first baby who doesn't hate tummy time! Most people say she looks like Cece, but I think she just looks like Hazel. We love you, Hazel Nut!

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