Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Things

You should all watch Who Killed the Electric Car? and Mirror Mask. Nate rented these this week (for free!) and I really really enjoyed them both.

Electric Car is one of those conspiracy theory-type documentaries that I love so dearly and are awesome for discussion starters. We talked for a long time after watching the film, which is always lots of fun! I decided that I would eventually like to get a hybrid car if I can!

Mirror Mask
is a bizarre film from Neil Gaiman and Jim Henson Co. I really really enjoyed it. Extremely strong tone and visuals (most of the film is based on the drawings of a teenage girl), very unique, complex but understandable storyline, lots of symbolism... certainly weird, but what good thing isn't?? Watch it!

Church was very good today- this one could definitely be a winner, but we're going to keep looking anyway. The congregation was pretty small, but there were lots of people our age, and even one person we know a little (the girl who works in the human resources office... yep, we've been there a lot)! There was a big variety in age/background- elderly people, little kids, goth teens, seminary students... everybody. Everyone was very nice- lots of people came up and introduced themselves. The music was good, the message was good... not really anything I didn't like. As I said, we're going to keep looking, but this is currently at the top of my list! We'll keep you posted!

I'm finally working on my wedding scrapbook and am making very quick progress! I had to stop because I ran out of double-sided tape stuff and also want to wait for any more pictures that may be coming from our friends. I'm excited to show everyone!
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