Sunday, September 9, 2007

Geoff and Amy's Visit!

Well, Geoff and Amy left around an hour and a half ago; we had a good weekend! They got here around midnight on Friday night (they both worked that day and couldn't start the drive until around 5). We mostly just hung out and talked too far into the night, then we all passed out.

Saturday we got up a couple hours later than normal (yay!) and had breakfast, then eventually went to the pet store where we got to hold a bearded dragon, then the fancy mall to eat lunch at the Chinese self-serve-one-trip-for-$4.99-buffet. It was very good! We went to the game store (board games, card games, etc.) for a good long while, then went to the other mall so Geoff and Nate could play the manliest game of chess EVER. It was fun to watch... here's the game in pictures:

The battlefield...^

Nathan surveys his domain...^

Geoff makes his move...^
Nathan finds the best seat in the house...^

After the game was over (with only a few interruptions by oblivious teens, poorly trained children, and folks in a hurry), we visited the bulk candy store where we bought rock candy and way too many gummies. :)

Amy and I went off on a quest for a bag for me to carry to work while the boys visited FYE and GameStop. We didn't find a bag, but we DID find amazing shoes for only $6.99 a pair! We each found shoes we loved and couldn't resist, so we adopted them. We put them on and wondered how long it would take the boys to notice... we wondered for a long time.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up supplies for dinner, and got Icees at the door... there was a little box that said "please pay here." I never knew Wal-Mart used the honor system!

Dinner was sloppy joe pasta, and Nathan went to work making The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies for Geoff's birthday, which is Wednesday! They're delicious, as always. We then played lots of MarioKart because it's tradition! That was happy :) Afterwards we watched Batman: the Movie... by the time it was over everyone was either sleeping or getting there, so it was off to bed.

Today we slept in a little instead of attempting to get everyone ready for church on time, and Nathan made yummy (wrinkly for some weird reason) pancakes for brunch, after which we played more MarioKart, and then it was time for Geoff and Amy to begin the trek home. It was so good to see them :)

My parents should be here in half an hour or something like that, so we should have more interesting things to tell you about soon!

The end.

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