Saturday, September 22, 2007

The last week or so... version 2

Um... I've been meaning to write something for like a week but haven't gotten around to it. Sorry! Robin said Nathan should take a picture of me doing a handstand and post it on here, but I don't think I CAN do a handstand so I'm going to write something instead!

My parents came to visit last week (or was it the week before...?) and we had a great time. I don't remember what all we did, but I do remember that we went to Lentini's, the amazing Italian restaurant, bought movies at the Book and Music Exchange, ate ice cream, went shopping (Nate and dad played giant chess), ate fish, and found a very cute bunny....

which we adopted the next day! Her name is Momo and she's fun... she's extremely curious and kind of hyper, and loves to explore and run around the apartment. I think we're not really supposed to have her (the apartment doesn't allow pets), but she's not hurting anything or disturbing anyone, so until we get in trouble and have to give her up (anyone want to be the emergency bunny foster parents?) I'm going to try not to worry about it. Hopefully we won't have any trouble and she'll live with us for her whole bunny life.

I've been struggling to find something to wear to work that's warm enough to keep me from getting frostbite in my refrigerated office BUT not a sweatshirt because I've just been feeling frumpy lately. I dressed up nicer on Thursday (I wore my cool stripy pants, a long sleeved rose/mauve tee shirt, a leather jacket, and my Italy shoes). I thought I looked pretty good in the morning, but as the day wore on my clothes just became depressing! They were boring, dull (BROWN... I felt like mud... I know some people love neutrals and look great in them, but they're just not ME)... ugh. I actually threw the tee shirt away when I got home because I hate the color and it's been getting more and more little holes and it just made me unhappy.

SO. I've decided to forget about dressing "nicely" or "fashionably" or "older" or... whatever I thought I was going for... and dress in happy clothes instead. I've always been into bright colors and happy patterns and stuff, so I'm just going to wear those things. Hopefully happy clothes will help make for a happier me.

So today was shopping day! We went to Goodwill where I got a pretty striped button-up shirt from Express, a black lace/mesh shirt to wear over things, and an amazing looong coat for 5 bucks! The coat is pretty awesome... so it gets two pictures.

Then we went to the mall where I got 2 shirts at Old Navy. I got a long sleeved tee shirt (from the kids' section) that's apple green w/ a white heart pattern all over for $6, and a cool ruffly teal/blue shirt for $5 (that actually looks amazing with the black lace shirt over it and pretty good with the button-up over it!). I'm happy with my new clothes :)

AND I've been feeling slightly creative lately (whoah!) and was drawing on computer paper last night, so I decided I needed a sketch pad (I guess I didn't bring any from home...?). So I got one! I hope I use it a lot.

I dyed my hair last night! It's the same orangy-red color I usually do, and I'm happy it's back! You can probably tell from the above shots, but he're a closer picture:

Aaaand some fun:
Nate didn't think this outfit worked... huh. I actually kind of like it (minus the hat), but I'm probably the only one...
Nathan. French.
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