Friday, August 29, 2008

Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

For those of you who don't know already, yesterday was my last day as a full-time nanny. The family I work for has both girls at school all day, so I'm only going to be working there from 2:30-5ish. It stinks because it was a really great job that I liked more than any job I've had before, so I'm pretty bummed. It also unfortunately means that I'm job hunting again, which I reeeally don't like. I can either get a part-time job in the mornings and keep nannying part-time, or drop the nanny gig and find a different full-time job. I've applied a couple places, but no nibbles yet. I'm trying to avoid the ever-present-fall-back-job, waitresing, because it really doesn't suit me and I don't want to work a job I'd likely hate. But we'll see what happens... I just have to trust God and not stress out.

I just got a text that Grace (6 yr old I nanny for) has strep throat :( I hope none of the family or I get it!!

Anyway, I have today and Monday off, so I'm just bumming around. Our only plans this weekend are to go to the local Renaissance Festival- it looks like it will be a lot of fun, and this is buy one get one free weekend! Whoohoo! I think we're going to go with our friends Andrew and Cliff.

The rest of Nathan's family is off at Indiana Wesleyan University moving Allie and Rachel into college! This is Rachel's freshman year so she's living in the dorms, and Allie is a sophomore and will be in a house. I hope all goes well for them! Allie is borrowing our rug and an air conditioner that we had at our apartment :)

We're supposed to be getting a free desk sometime this weekend! A lady who goes to our church and who Nathan also cleans for is moving, and is giving the Lambeses her desk! Robin has been wanting a new computer desk for a long time (the old one was looking pretty sad), so this is great! Nathan already ripped the old one apart and threw it in the dumpster, so I hope the new one can come soon!

Another thing of note is that last night for dinner we had spaghetti with homemade sauce... made from tomatoes (and basil and oregano) from our garden! I was worried I wouldn't like it, but it was SO good!! We made another batch last night using a slightly different (and easier) method, so I'm really hoping it's just as good so it'll be easy to make a lot more. I'm hoping to freeze or can some so you can all try it when you come to visit me!

Last night Nathan and I made a college-esque late night ice cream run to Wal Mart, and also ended up getting two movies! We got The Prince of Egypt and Clue on DVD for great prices. We had a great time watching Clue and eating our delicious ice cream :)

Oh yeah, and my younger brother Andy is in Japan!! He's there for a semester studying at Kwansei Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan. He had some trouble with his flight and had to spend a day and a night at the Detroit Airport, which was a rough start for someone who has never flown on a passenger jet or traveled alone. He's staying with a host family that is very nice but doesn't speak much English. I believe he has already started a preliminary 3-week course in Japanese (language). Pray that everything goes well and he settles in soon!

I guess I'll get back to doing nothing now ;) TTFN!
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