Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We just had a hurricane in Ohio.

Apparently Hurricane Ike made it all the way over here. On Sunday we had hurricane force winds (Some sources say it was actually a level 1 hurricane) that broke down trees, ripped off roofs, and knocked out the power in most of the Miami Valley. Most of the towns around here are still without power (including our house and church), and don't expect to get it back until the weekend. Our house doesn't even have water because we have a well (I guess the pump can't run without power), so Nathan and I were able to stay with some folks in Lebanon last night and will be staying again tonight so we can have luxuries like showers and flushing toilets. We don't want to impose/overstay our welcome, so we might have to go back to roughing it or else find another place to stay tomorrow night.

Looks like I will also be working full time the rest of this week because the girls' school is without power. Thankfully they have water, although their power is out. They have a generator they're running on and off to keep their cold food from going bad. The rest of us are just going to have an awful lot of spoiled food.

I'm really hoping somehow the power gets fixed sooner than the weekend, but we'll see. I heard the folks that are in charge of fixing such things went down to do hurricane relief work in Texas a few days ago... HA!
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