Thursday, September 18, 2008


Our power is back on!! Yaaaaay! Apparently it came on just after midnight. It's pretty nice to flip a switch and have lights turn on. Not to mention the wonder that is flushing toilets.

We ended up spending last night at the house we've house/dog-sat at a couple times because the residents were out of town and offered it. Thank you again, pezmama, for offering to let us stay with you!! A "sleepover" at your place sounds like fun! Call me whenever you want to watch those Jane Austen flicks :)

I don't have to work until 2:00 today because the girls are back in school, and tomorrow should be my last day (for real this time). Now I just have to figure out what to do for food today... I'm getting awful hungry and most of our cold food either got used up or spoiled in the lack-of-coldness. Maybe I'll go see what we have in cans.

And thus ends this grand adventure. Pray for those who are still without power, who have house damage, or who were injured due to the storm.
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